About Us

jason-cilloFounded in 1972, Steele Associates has grown to be a well-known firm in Southern New Hampshire. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service available to our clients and enjoy the reputation of being a mature yet aggressive firm that understands the complex tax world in which are clients operate.

For over 40 years, Steele Associates have been preparing Indvidual, Business, Partnership, Estate & Trust, and Corporate tax returns.

Beyond tax returns, Steele Associates also provides bookkeeping services, payroll services, tax consulting & tax planning, and business consulting. We also provide Life insurance products, Annuities (fixed/fixed indexed), and Roth IRA products. These products are second to none and the guaranteed returns are amazing.

Steele Associates started over 40 years ago with Cecilia Steele.

As long time resident of Milford who is greatly respected around the community, Cecilia first started as an H&R Block franchise owner. She became an educator and trainer for new H&R Block employees. She later sold her business and then started Steele Associates. Over the years many family members have joined her to help her out during her busy season and it was 6 years ago Jason Cillo (her grandson) became a permanent fixture of Steele Associates. With a business and accounting background and the guidance of Cecilia, Jason has excelled in his craft. Jason is looking to earn his Enrolled Agent status this year and continue his never ending education on tax law. Jason is looking to carry on the family business, if Cecilia decides to retire, and carry on the reputation and diligence Cecilia has created for Steele Associates. As Jason puts it, ” She is and will always be the face of Steele Associates. She is my walking encyclopedia of tax knowledge I hope she never retires.”